Bejeweled Bubbles


Bejeweled Bubbles

I am in love with Bejeweled Bubbles! Bejeweled Bubbles is a company that makes soaps! But not just any ordinary soaps! There is jewelry or real money inside!! They also have soaps that have childerens toys inside! CYMERA_20140813_164615

The jewelry you can find ranges from silver tone/gold tone, white gold/glod plated, sterling silver, even real diamonds!! If you get a high valued peice of jewelry, it will come with a note inside of the bag with your jewelry. The jewelry is wrapped in a little bag and then wrapped in foil inside of the soap!

The cash you can find in the soaps ranges from $1 to $50!20140812_190427  

The soaps are beautifully crafted and lather very nicely! The scents smell AMAZING! You can choose from an array of scents! I will never go back to buying ‘regular’ soaps again! Bejeweled Bubbles is very affordable as well! I am amazed at my reveals i have found and i highly recommend you purchase from




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